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Celebrating innovation and collaboration.

We believe that strong and effective leadership is an essential aspect of our business model. Our team encourages diversity of culture, of background, of experience, dynamic teamwork, and thought. All these are essential to bring new ideas to life in our working environment. Our executive management team and valued employees are dedicated individuals. As a team, we stay directly involved in the day to day operations and know that our most important resources and assets are our customers.

Exceeding expectations is our culture.

At Konnect E Global, we go the extra mile, aiming to be an extension of our merchants. ‘With a continuous focus on business growth and success, coupled with stellar customer service and delivery, we are more than just a Technology Company.

Konnect E Global believes that doing business is all about developing relationships with customers, creating a streamlined experience and closing the loop from a merchant to end-user.

That's the promise that Konnect E Global holds dear to heart.



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At Konnect E Global, we help businesses elevate their value through Encompass E-Solutions, Websites, Apps & Cloud Base Technology.

With our skills, we offer end users of apps and website an invariably perfect experience across desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

If by chance you have an unfriendly and old-fashioned interface, don't worry. We can modernize or completely redesign it in order to align them with the evolving needs of current technologies.

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Our Vision

To be the number 1 marketplace and information technology company with global outreach. To offer digital transformation with a strategic approach, creating a culture that encourages collaboration and bilateral communication to small and medium-size business enterprises.

Our Mission

Continually providing the highest quality of smart technology with innovative brands that encompass e-Solutions, branded websites, and Apps through cloud base technology.


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