cloud-based Solutions

Cloud-Based Technology

Konnect E Global has the expertise in building cloud-based solutions accessed in real-time from multiple devices, as well as storing, processing and analyzing the received data.

Our Cloud -Based Services

Application & Development


We Build

Enterprise applications from the ground to be ready in a seamless manner.


We Develop

Flexible and modular Cloud Base Applications to enable agility, reduce time to market and cost savings.


Cloud Advisory & counseling service

Our team of experts offers advisory services to Enterprises in adoption to harness the benefits offered by cloud computing. These benefit include scalability responsiveness, and cost effectiveness.

Cloud Infrastructure Support


Watch your Business gain Efficiency

While our expert advisors manage Your cloud infrastructure by providing proactive and reactive IT Support.


Continuous Monitoring & Auditing

To optimize the Performance of cloud-based applications which boost reliability across the verticals Cloud integration Solution.


Cloud Integration Solutions

At Konnect E Global, we understand that cloud integration is a critical process.


That's why our team of experts performs it with high-end precision and utmost care so that you can get maximum results.

Cloud Migration Solutions

Our clients have the freedom of choosing to migrate from private to public and hybrid cloud. They can do so by selecting the right approach to rehost, refactor, replat-form, or rebuild.


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